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knackwurst n : short thick highly seasoned sausage [syn: knockwurst]

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see Knackwurst



German loanword.


  1. a sausage similar to a frankfurter, but shorter and thicker.



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thumb|220px|Knackwurst with bread and onionsKnackwurst (from German, literally "crack sausage") is a type of small soft German sausage intended to be eaten by hand. It is a short, chubby sausage made from pork or beef with fresh garlic. The origin of the knackwurst sausage is well documented. The original sausage was made from all-beef components. Since then the sausage has taken on many incarnations, and now it is traditionally composed of pork and beef parts. This particular sausage was considered a delicacy by the Habsburg royalty, and as such the purity of the meat was often relished - hence the traditionally served all-beef knackwurst sausage. It is often very seasoned. Its taste is often compared to that of a bockwurst, the sausage of the frankfurter.
There are many different ways the knackwurst can be served. Some popular ways to serve them include the German-style: with sauerkraut and potato salad, or American-style: on a bun with condiments. Knackwurst can be grilled, broiled, simmered, or eaten as is. They are often seen to be very similar to a hot dog, and are enjoyed during the summer months as it is a staple food for family picnics. This may be due to the fact that it is eaten by hand and requires limited preparation. When eaten in this fashion, it is sometimes accompanied by potato chips. They keep well frozen, and last approximately up to two years without being refrigerated.
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